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As Muslims, we all know the importance of Salah (prayer). It is the most important pillar of Islam after Shahadah.

Muslim parents want to teach their children about Prayer from the very beginning, but sometimes, they do not know where to start.

As such, it is so important that we encourage our children to form the habit of praying, and develop a love for performing Salah.

  • Make Salah A Priority As A Parent

You as a parent is considered a role model for your kids because children at a young age like to imitate their parents in every act. So, Let your little ones see you making wudu’ once you hear the adhan, then pray in a calm and unrushed manner. The Salah should become part of your daily routine.

  • Start Young 

It is not necessary for children to pray before seven years-old. However, it’s still wise to start teaching your children to pray at a young age. So that, it becomes a habit for their lifetime.

  • Get Your Kids Colorful Prayer Rugs

Getting them their own prayer mat is one way of encouraging a positive attitude towards prayer. Get your little ones excited for their daily prayers by gifting them this little creative colorful prayer mat by urban rugs.

Try to find a corner of a room that is only for prayer and place their little padded prayer mat in it. Teach your children that this area is only for Salah and must be kept clean and tidy.

You can also encourage them to pray with mixing and matching your prayer mat with theirs from Urban Rugs various collections.

  • Make It Visual!

Children respond well to visual signs and reward charts. This “Printable Salah Checklist” is a good start to get your little ones excited and encouraged for their daily prayers. For every prayer they pray, color the star on the chart until the whole week is colored. You may want to give them a small reward for each chart completed.

You can hang it up somewhere in the house and it will act as a visual reminder to your child.

Printable Salah Checklist | Urban Rugs
  • Collective Prayer Time

One way of encouraging a positive attitude to the prayer, is to make it a collective practice.

Try to pray at least once a day as a family, with the father leading the prayer. If your child is able to make the adhan (call of prayer), give them the responsibility to do it.

Take your children to Friday Prayer, Eid Prayer and Taraweeh Prayer as often as possible. The power of seeing a whole community praying together is so important for your kids.


These were our Five Ways to Encourage Your Children to Pray. We hope they were useful for you!

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