4 Impacts of Islamic Prayers on Our Lives – Urban Rugs

Have you ever thought of how much we are blessed to be obligated to meet Allah five times per day on a scheduled timing? We all know that prayers are so important that they are the second pillar of Islam after the testimony of faith; Have you ever thought why?

Let’s answer this question by discussing the spiritual, physical, mental, and social impacts of the five daily prayers: 


Spiritual Impact 

Islamic prayers are a vital aspect of each Muslim’s faith that remind them of their true and actual position in the universe as a humble servant of Allah. Also performing salah allow people to gain spiritual guidance, ask for forgiveness, and purify their sins by gaining good deeds. These personal moments with Allah help us to relieve and believe.   


Physical Health 

Each prayer includes physical movements of various parts of the body that enhance the blood circulation, body balance, joint flexibility, and maintain lower limb performance. It’s also believed that it boosts immunity and improves cardiovascular health. In addition, prayers maintain physical hygiene according to the obligatory purification and ablution prior to each prayer.


Mental Health

Studies have shown that performing prayers is associated with reduction in stress hormones and lowering in the blood pressure. It allows the individual to disconnect from the life’s stressful events, and focus on their spiritual connection with Allah. Also, it has a role in emotional regulation; Prayers allow Muslims to process their negative emotions and properly express them to gain comfort and relieve. Finally, prayers also contribute in mental clarity, the recitation of Quran verses during praying enhances focus and concentration that soothe the mind.


Social Impact

Collective prayers in Islam have a greater reward; they play an important role in building a community among Muslims. Either performing collective prayers daily at the mosque, weekly on Fridays, or even on special religious occasions such as Ramadan or Eid; It gives a sense of unity. Praying in Juma’ah strengthens the bond between Muslims and builds friendships based on the love of Allah; which are considered the most pure and successful ones. Nowadays people even use prayer essentials such as prayer mats or Quran stands as valuable gifts in special occasions.


At the end, the Muslims’ commitment to their five daily obligatory prayers allows them to live peacefully and righteously on every aspect of their life.

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