Your Dua is Never Unanswered – Urban Rugs

We as Muslims, were handed a free ticket of unlimited communication with Allah where we can humbly express all of our needs, ask for forgiveness, and beg for mercy. Dua is one of the most important forms of worshiping, and it was described as the essence of worship; where the creature depends on Allah and returns to him in his weakest form, believing and having all the faith and trust that only God has the power to answer.


Unfortunately, we have a misunderstanding about dua that it may not be answered; luckily that’s never an option, and we will discuss how by elaborating the 3 ways of how dua is answered:

  1. Allah will answer your dua immediately:

If you asked for something and Allah gives it to you immediately, recognize how blessed you are and be grateful for that. However, only hesitant believers think that the obvious way is the only way. So, never let confusion win, because at the end, Allah gives you what you need and not what you want.

  1. Allah will delay the answer:

If you asked and Allah delays the answer, don’t get disappointed and let the negative thoughts control you. When you return to Allah in your weakest form and perform dua in a vulnerable way, you get closer to Allah. The best way is to be patient, where patience and consistency will   draw you further closer to Allah, which maybe what you actually need at that time. You have to believe that anything Allah does is in your best interest, even if you don’t understand the reason. 

  1. Allah will withhold the answer:

If you asked for something and Allah didn’t give it to you, it’s with no doubts not good for you. At this point, Allah will give you something better, either in life or on the Day of Judgment. It’s from the wisdom of Allah and we have to be thankful for that.


At the end, you have to believe that once you raised your hands and made dua to Allah, Allah listens and answers immediately. But always in his own way, that’s always for your best.

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